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Courses offered
Courses offered
Certified Nursing Assisant

CNA nursing professionals work under the close supervision of registered nurses. They are tasked to provide care and keep patients comfortable. 
Anatomy and Physiology
Basic nursing skills
Nutrition and infections control
Learning to take blood pressure, pulse, and respiration
Body Mechanics
Rehabilitation & Restorative Care

$1,700 All Inclusive.

EKG Tech

This course introduces the student to theory and practical skills necessary for preparation,  and obtaining an electrocardiogram.  It is designed for healthcare workers who wish to master the skill of basic EKG recognition and interpretation of normal and abnormal EKG, and understand their significance.

$1,700 All Inclusive.


The course introduces the student to theory and practical skills necessary for preparation, collection, and processing biological specimens for laboratory testing.  HIPAA and new CDC guidelines will be introduced, as well as universal precautions, infection control and OSHA standards.

$2,100 All Inclusive.

Patient CareTech

This course is a combination of all three of certificaations.
This is a seprate certification. which contains elements of CNA, EKG, and Phlebotomy.

$5,500 All  Inclusive.

Medical Assistant Assistant

The Medical Assistant Program is for students who want to prepare for an exciting  healthcare career in the hospital, doctor's office or in a clinical area. This program will train students first to be a nursing assistant and more extensive skills. The student will be trained to prepare and assist with physical exams on a higher level than the nursing assistant. The course will guide the student in learning therapeutic communication and office skills for healthcare providers.  Skills in phlebotomy, cardiac dysrhythmias, pharmacology, including learning how to give injections. Other skills taught will include bedside glucose monitoring, performing EKGs, drug screens and other urine test.  This is a 28 week program.

$6,000 All Inclusive

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

This program prepares individuals to perform specialized data entry, classification, and record-keeping procedures related to medical diagnostic, treatment, billing, and insurance documentation.The class teaches medical records and insurance software applications, basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, fundamentals of medical science theory is included. Treatment procedures, data classification, coding, data entry skills, regulations relating to medicare  and other insurance documentation are included in mthis class. Course is computer based. This is a 28 week Class.

$6,000 All Inclusive
Home Health Aide

HHAs provide direct care to the patient in the home setting who need assistance in caring for themselves. The duties may include but limited to supporting personal hygien, daily living needs, comfort measures, transportation, administering medications, and monitoring vital signs. HHAs usully work with the elderly,disabled, or recovering from illness for individuals who need more time and assistance than the family can provide. The HHA is first trained as a certified nursing assistant, then additional skills for  the home setting are taught. This class is 7 weeks long.

$5,200 All Inclusive

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